Civil Trial Practice

In the United States, we have two different legal systems, Criminal and Civil.

The criminal system applies when someone has been charged with violating a criminal law, statute or ordinance.

The person charged would then hire an attorney specializing in criminal law to defend them against that charge.

In order to be convicted of a crime, the burden of proof requires a finding of guilt “beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.”

A person found guilty of a crime could be sentenced to a fine, probation, or incarceration for a determined period of time.

The civil system is something entirely different.

The civil system applies when there is a legal dispute involving money. One person feels that they are entitled to money or compensation that is owed to
them by another person.

If the two people cannot agree, then the person who is owed the money files a lawsuit in the civil system against the person they feel owes them the money.
The person that files the lawsuit is the Plaintiff and the person that is sued is the Defendant.

In order to win the lawsuit, the Plaintiff must prove the case by a different and lesser burden of proof, by “the greater weight of the evidence.”

If the plaintiff wins the case, the judge will enter an order requiring payment of a specified amount of money called a final judgment, which the plaintiff then
attempts to collect against the defendant.

Robert G. Corirossi is an attorney that specializes in civil trial practice and has done so, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, since 1982.

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